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Fiercely Flavourful Thai Summer Salads

The temperatures are soaring and it’s time to bring the cool and crunchy veggies out and binge on refreshing and authentic Asian salads.

This summer, entreat yourself to some of the fiercely flavourful Thai Salads from Asian Inspirations.

These easy, no fuss salads are not only quick and healthy but also vibrant and colourful.

Here are 6 flavourful Thai summer salads you can toss in no time:

Thai Beef Salad

This authentic Thai Beef salad is the most sought after Thai salad. It is not just an appetizer but also a delicious Asian dish that adds a great taste to any meal. Using fairly common Asian ingredients, this Thai recipe is quick and easy with little effort required. Toss with a good Thai-style dressing and serve with fresh vegetables! Check out the recipe here.


Spicy Prawn Salad

A simple and healthy prawn salad with a fresh hint of lime and chilli infused with various herbs including lemongrass, mint and coriander. Enjoy the succulent prawn with this easy Asian salad. Recipe here.


Thai Glass Noodle Salad (Yum Woon Sen)

This salad requires minimal effort and is loaded with fresh veggies and tender glass noodles. Add a zing to your meal with this healthy Asian salad. Get the recipe here.

Thai glass noodle salad- yum woon sen

Southern Thai Salad

A traditional Southern-style Thai salad that contains vermicelli, coriander, chillies and tossed in with ripe red tomatoes and crunchy Chinese lettuce. You can make a vegetarian version by substituting the prawns, chicken and squid sauce with cucumber, veggies of your choice and soy sauce. Get the recipe here.

Southern Thai Salad Recipe

North Eastern Beef Salad

The North Eastern Beef Salad a is a popular Thai dish served everywhere from roadside vendors to five star hotels and restaurants. The sharp taste of lemon juice and fish sauce are complemented by ground roasted rice. It is normally served with steamed sticky rice. You can find recipe here.

North Eastern Beef Salad

Thai Chicken Salad

A mélange of spice and sauces rich in flavour. The Thai Chicken salad is also known as Larb gai. A pleasing light and refreshing salad made with a mixture of herbs and ground meat it is a delicious favourite among diners bursting with flavours with a punch of heat and crunchy veggies. It is one of the easiest salads to make and can be made with a lot of variations to it. The herbs used in the salad makes it more aromatic and add a zing to it. Get the recipe here.

Thai chicken salad- fiercely flavourful thai summer salads

Image courtesy: Krista used under creative commons licence

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