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Festive Special – 5 Easy Asian Desserts For Christmas and New Year

This festive season keep the heat away and dig into some delicious desserts that will also add to the festive cheer.  Keep your cool with stress-free, oven-free desserts, using store-bought ingredients. These delightful Asian desserts will not only satiate your sweet tooth but are also a perfect way to end your festive meal. Here are our festive special: 5 easy Asian Desserts for Christmas and New Year you can make in no time:

Mango and Coconut Mousse Recipe

Bring a perfect finale to your Christmas meal with this Mango and Coconut Mousse Recipe. The sublime flavours of mango and the creamy coconut makes this dessert irresistible. Make it ahead of serving time for summer parties. Mango and Coconut Mousse - Easy Asian desserts for christmas

Thai Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

End your meal on a creamy note. This Thai Coconut Ice Cream is the perfect ice cream for a summer treat. Whether it’s a picnic or a party, this rich and creamy ice cream is so easy to whip. Try this Thai Coconut ice cream recipe. Thai cococnut ice cream - Easy Asian desserts for christmas

Tropical fruit salad in jelly

If eating fruits is your way of ending a meal then this recipe of tropical fruit salad in jelly is just the perfect one for you. It has all the tropical fruits including juicy mangoes, lychees, rambutan and pineapple. Tropical Fruit Salad in Jelly - Easy Asian desserts for christmas

Coconut Pudding Recipe

This creamy coconut pudding recipe is a pleasing dessert that can be made for parties. It is easy and delicious. Top with a light strawberry/mango compote for a flavour punch. Coconut Pudding - Easy Asian desserts for christmas

Steamed custard in a pumpkin shell

Steamed custard in a pumpkin shell recipe is a simple and sweet Thai dessert consisting of pumpkin, sugar and coconut. Best made a day before and chilled. pumpkin - Easy Asian desserts for christmas Pick one of these recipes and make them for your Christmas party or New Year party. You’re guests are going to love you for it.

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