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Fast or Slow: Malaysian Curry Recipes for Every Occasion

From the Indian influence in Malaysia to the unique flavours of Peranakan cooking, Asian Inspirations has a Malaysian curry recipe for every occasion, taste and persuasion. Indian ingredients, such as dry spices, fresh curry leaves, herbs and ghee, add depth of flavour to a range of Malaysian dishes, as do traditional Indian cooking techniques such as tempering spices. The local Peranakan culture has also made curry its own, in dishes such as kapitan chicken curry and curry laksa.

It’s never been easier to capture the authentic flavours of Malaysia at home, with traditional sauces and pastes from Lingham’s and Yeo’s. This winter, we’ve made it even simpler by sharing a range of fast and slow recipes, so you can whip up an aromatic curry midweek, or leave one simmering for hours over the weekend.


If you want Malaysian curry in a hurry, why not try one of these three recipes? Flavoured with Lingham’s Malaysian Laksa Curry Paste, our Malaysian chicken curry laksa recipe can be on the table in 15 minutes flat – that’s quicker than ordering takeaway from your local Malaysian restaurant.

This super-speedy version of Malaysian kapitan chicken curry combines Indian spices with Malaysian and Chinese ingredients for a recipe that truly represents the multicultural melting pot of Malaysian cuisine. For a golden-skinned result, pan-fry the chicken thighs before adding them to the curry sauce.

01 Malaysian Kapitan Chicken Curry_Lingham's

For a family-friendly curry that’s ready in under 30 minutes, try this fragrant Malaysian snapper curry. Using Yeo’s Malaysia Curry Sauce Mild, it’s gentle enough for youngsters to love.


If time is on your side and you want to linger over a slow-cooked recipe, then try your hand at this Malaysian beef rendang. For an even longer version of this Southeast Asian specialty, try this Indonesian beef rendang, which requires at least two hours of simmering.

For a modern take on Malaysian cuisine, try the nation’s new wave of curry, the Malaysian white curry. Drawing flavour inspiration from Penang’s white curry mee noodle dish, this curry paste is layered with lemongrass, galangal, ginger, kaffir lime and nutmeg. Try in in this low-and- slow recipe for Malaysian white curry chicken.

01 Malaysian White Curry Chicken_Lingham's

Using chicken pieces on the bone for this Nyonya-style kapitan chicken curry requires a longer cooking time than the speedy recipe above. If you really want to go all out, why not try making your own roti canai to serve alongside?

For more Malaysian cooking inspiration, read 5 reasons why Malaysian food is this year’s hottest culinary trend.

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