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Family-friendly Korean Dinners with Obap Bulgogi Marinade

This week, we’re all about making family dinners a breeze, so now that you’ve discovered the shortcut to Chinese stir-fries with Lee Kum Kee’s Oriental Honey & Soy Sauce, and whipped up easy Asian meals for kids, we’re shining the spotlight on family-friendly Korean dinners using Obap Korean BBQ Marinade Bulgogi.

If your family is just starting out on their Korean culinary journey, then bulgogi is the perfect place to begin. One of Korea’s most loved dishes, bulgogi is thin slices of tender beef or pork marinated in a sweet and savoury sauce, then grilled over high heat. Obap Korean BBQ Marinade gets its signature sweetness from apple and pear purees, which helps to tenderise the meat. Pick up a pouch in the Asian food aisle of your local supermarket.

Four-ingredient dinner

Kick off your Korean adventures with this oh so easy beef bulgogi recipe, which calls for just four ingredients and 10 minutes cooking time. Marinate your thinly sliced beef steak in Obap Korean BBQ Marinade, then grill with spring onion and serve with steamed rice or lettuce leaves for wrapping.
Pro tip: use a lean cut of beef, such as scotch fillet, porterhouse or sirloin

beef bulgogi

Barbecue master

If you have a few more minutes up your sleeve, why not try these beef skewers glazed with bulgogi marinade? They make the perfect addition to your weekend barbecue.
Pro tip: if desired, add capsicum, onion and mushrooms to the skewers


Pork on your fork

Another popular protein in Korea is bulgogi pork. Just like beef, it’s best to choose a lean cut, such as pork fillet, then marinate in advance for the most tender results.
Pro tip: bulgogi is traditionally cooked on a hot grill, but for a fast-track version at home, stir-fry in a wok over high heat. Just be sure you don’t let the meat stew in the marinade, so drain well before adding.


Slow cooking for the weekend

When it’s raining outside, we love spending the weekend slow-cooking meals for the week ahead. This Sunday, try this rib-sticking recipe for soy-braised beef short ribs, loaded with warming ginger and winter vegetables.
Pro tip: slow and steady wins this race, so allow at least two and a half hours to cook the beef ribs.

Beef Ribs Stew

Creative ideas from a top chef

Korean cookery master Heather Jeong has stacks of ideas on how to use bulgogi marinade. Read fresh ways to use Korean marinades for suggestions using tofu, fish, mushrooms and more.

For more on cooking authentic Korean food, read Heather Jeong’s tips for tender beef bulgogi.

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