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Eat Like a Queen With This Royal Thai Menu

Want to eat like a queen this week?Thai cookery expert Professor Srisamon reveals the history of Royal Thai Cuisine and shares a menu of Royal Thai classics for you to try at home. We think you’ll agree, this tempting Thai menu is fit royalty!

The Golden Age of Thai cooking

“Royal Thai Cuisine first appeared 200 years ago, during the reign of King Rama II. Under the reign of King Rama V and VI, the Royal Thai Cuisine was greatly developed as Thailand entered the country’s ‘Golden Period’,” says Professor Srisamon.

“One thing that sets Royal Thai Cuisine apart from other cooking styles is the neatness and quality of the raw materials, from preparation through to the finished dish.

“Inthe Royal Kitchen, there were two groups of chefs – one group was an expert in savoury dishes, and the other specialised in desserts. The quintessential Royal Thai meal consisted of several kinds of dipping sauces, salads, curries, soups and stir-fries. Some of these dishes, such as green curry and tom yum goong, became popular in Thai homes and then became the icons of Thai cooking around the world.”

And when you can see how many dishes are typically included in a Royal Thai menu, you can begin to understand why so many chefs were required! If you really want to test your cooking skills, try this authentic Thai banquet when you’re entertaining a crowd, guaranteed to make every guest feel like royalty. 

Royal Thai banquet


Thai mini fish cakes and prawn rolls

Mini Fish Cakes

Salads and dipping sauces

Thai glass noodle salad
and Northern Thai sauce

Thai glass noodle salad- yum woon sen


Tom yum goong


Green curry beef, chicken & basil stir-fry,
fried barramundi in red curry sauce, and crab fried rice


Seasonal fruit and coconut ice cream

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