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Eat Less Beef: 7 Alternatives For Asian Barbecues

If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2018 is to take a more eco-minded approach to eating, then it’s time to cut back on your red meat consumption. Beef is particularly taxing on the environment, requiring 28 times more land and 11 times more water than chicken or pork. But cutting out your favourite cut of beef doesn’t have to mean an end to barbecue season. Instead, try one of these seven Asian beef alternatives for a full-flavoured grill that’s kinder on the environment.

Instead of beef kebabs, try vegetarian skewers

For a meat-free barbecue, try these vegetarian yellow curry skewers, which get a protein hit from cubes of paneer (an Indian cheese) or firm tofu.

Vegetarian Yellow Curry BBQ Skewers

Instead of rump steak, try chicken thigh

Your neighbours will be popping their heads over the back fence when the scent of this country-style Thai barbeque chicken starts to waft through the street. Serve with sticky rice and som tum salad for an authentic taste of Thailand.

Country Style Barbecue Chicken

Instead of beef rissoles, try grilled pork patties

For an Asian twist on rissoles, whip up a batch of Hanoi-style grilled pork patties, then serve with vermicelli noodles and a tangy chilli, fresh herbs, and papaya dipping sauce.

Bun Cha Hanoi

Instead of bulgogi beef, try bulgogi chicken

Embrace the art of Korean barbecue at home with this authentic recipe for bulgogi chicken, using juicy thigh meat and a sweet-savoury marinade of soy, honey, garlic and ginger.

Dak Bulgogi

Instead of a beef salad, try grilled eggplant salad

Summer and Thai beef salad go hand in hand, but if you’re making a conscious choice to cut back on beef, you can still create a satisfying salad from your barbecue using ‘meaty’ vegetables, such as grilled eggplant with somen noodles and lime dressing, or choose prawns as your protein source, like this spicy grilled shrimp salad recipe.

Asian Somen Noodle Salad Recipe

Instead of sausages, try Indonesian fish parcels

Ok, so this one is a little more time-consuming than simply bunging a few bangers on the barbie, but we promise the effort is worth it. Once you try these Indonesian-style grilled fish parcels, you’ll never look back.

Pepes Ikan

Instead of a rib-eye, try lobster

For a luxurious take on the backyard barbecue, splash out on a couple of lobster tails for this Thai grilled lobster with spicy basil garlic sauce.

Grilled Lobster Spicy Basil

For more grill ideas, try these flame-grilled Asian favourites for summer barbecues.

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