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Easy Vegan Recipes and Vegetarian Dinner Ideas

Make every day a meat-free Monday with these simple meal ideas for easy vegan recipes and vegetarian dinners.

Ramen noodles with spiced tofu and chilli lemon sauce

For a Japanese dinner that will satisfy vegans and meat-eaters alike, try this dish of ramen noodles with spiced tofu and chilli lemon sauce.

Ramen Noodles with Spiced Tofu and Chilli Lemon Sauce

Crispy vegetable and noodle pancake

Inspired by a Japanese okonomiyaki, this crispy vegetable and noodle pancake makes an easy vegetarian dinner or snack.

crispy pancake

Vegetarian soup

An easy vegan meal for midweek sustenance, this vegetarian noodle soup gets its protein boost from mushrooms and tofu.

Chinese Vegetarian Soup Recipe

Yellow curry barbecue skewers

For a 100% meat-free version of these yellow curry barbecue skewers, look for a vegan curry paste and switch the fish sauce for soy sauce. If you want a vegan meal, swap the paneer cheese for cubes of firm tofu.


Honey & soy stir-fried rice with tofu

For a one-bowl vegetarian dinner, the whole family will love, try this Chinese-style honey and soy stir-fried rice with tofu. Omit the omelette for a vegan version.

Fried Rice with Tofu recipe

Vegetable massaman curry

Switch the fish sauce for soy sauce and use a vegetarian curry paste for a vegan-friendly vegetable massaman curry.


Stir-fried vegetables with cashews

Take a trusty packet of vegetarian stir-fry sauce for a speedy vegan dinner of crunchy stir-fried vegetables with cashews. Just add steamed rice for a complete meal.


For more vegan and vegetarian cooking inspiration, take a peek at our top 5 Korean vegetarian dishes, or find 8 flavour-packed vegetarian dishes.

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