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Easy Korean Dinner Party Menu for Winter

In the summer months, we’re all about cooking Korean barbecue, but right now we want warming hotpots and spicy stews to see us through winter. Our easy Korean dinner party menu is just the ticket, showcasing the bold flavours of Korea, plus essential tips on entertaining and Korean dining etiquette.

Here are five Korean savoury dishes that would work a treat at your next dinner party.

Kimchi dumplings

Welcome your guests with a plate of kimchi dumplings. Featuring a healthy filling of chicken, tofu and kimchi, these little pillows of goodness work a treat with a cold beer or a glass of soju (Korean rice wine).

Korean Kimchi dumplings Recipe

Pajeon (seafood pancake)

Another great match for beer and soju is this golden pajeon (seafood and spring onion pancake). Why not make mini versions of this pancake to serve as a canapé or starter?

Korean Pajeon Recipe

Soonduboo jjigae (soft tofu hotpot)

Warm the cockles of your guests’ hearts with this warming cockle hotpot! This soonduboo jjigae is brimming with cockles (vongole), prawns and pork belly, for a generous segue between entrée and main course.

Soonduboo Jjigae


Make bulgogi the main event, with a choice of two meat dishes. Serve daeji bulgogi, a fiery pork number laced with Korean chilli paste and pepper, classic beef bulgogi, plus steamed rice, kimchi and other assorted banchan. Choose a medium-bodied red, such as a grenache blend, to stand up to the chilli heat and complement the pork and beef.

Daeji Bulgogi

Etiquette, drinks and table settings

Ensure your Korean dinner party is memorable for all the right reasons by brushing up on this quick and easy guide to Korean eating habits – don’t forget to serve your elders first, and always offer a toast!

Korean banquets generally comprise scores of dishes, including a colourful array of banchan (side dishes). If you don’t have the time to make 20+ sides, zero in on these five essential banchan. Sharing is caring in Korea, so rather than presenting individual plates of food to each guest, serve everything in the centre of the table and allow your friends to help themselves.

If you’d like to stick to the Korean theme throughout, take a peek at this selection of Korean wines, including soju (a distilled rice wine), medicinal wines and fruit wines, or discover 10 of the best Korean drinks, including virtuous herbal teas and crisp Korean beers.

Hungry for more? Here are easy entertaining ideas, including an impressive Malaysian menu and a Chinese-themed banquet.

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