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Easy Chinese: Take one Peking Duck and Spin it Four Ways

There are times when we want to go all out and roast a duck from scratch, and then there are other occasions when our time couldn’t be better spent – this is one of those moments. For stress-free entertaining this summer, we’re making friends with our local Chinese barbecue shop, spinning their luscious Peking ducks into easy party recipes.

Classic Peking duck pancakes

Everybody loves Peking duck pancakes and, thanks to their portability, they make excellent party food fodder. If you want to show off your cooking skills, then follow our recipe for making Peking pancakes from scratch. Or, take the easy way out by buying good-quality pancakes from your Asian grocer. It’s the party season – we won’t judge! Then simply slice spring onions and cucumbers into equal lengths, cut up your duck (we like to include some of that luscious meat), then enclose in the pancakes with a drizzle of hoisin sauce.

Peking Duck with Hoisin Sauce

Gluten-free Peking duck rolls

For a gluten-free option, why not use fresh rice paper noodles instead of the wheat-based pancakes. These silky rice noodles work a treat with the filling of sliced duck, spring onion, cucumber and gluten-free oyster sauce. Then simply steam the Peking duck rolls for five minutes and serve hot.

Asian Duck Recipes For Dinner

Peking duck dumplings

You can even spin one duck a number of ways. Slice the skin with just a fine layer of meat for the rolls above, then you’re free to use the remaining flesh in any number of ways. We love finely chopping the duck meat and tossing it with water chestnuts, spring onion, grated ginger, five-spice powder and a dash of plum sauce, and bundling everything into dumpling wrappers. Follow our pro-tips on making dumplings from scratch, then deep-fry these dumplings and serve with hoisin sauce to dip.

Peking duck sang choy bau

Another top way to use that tender duck meat is in a party-ready san choy bau. Switch the pork for duck in this san choy bau recipe, then serve a tablespoon of the savory mixture in iceberg lettuce cups.

Lettuce Cup (San Choy Bao) Recipe

For more easy entertaining ideas, try these Thai canapes with wine matches.

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