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Easy 10-minute Summer Coolers to Beat the Heat

Summer is here and all you want to do is dunk yourself in the pool, play near the beach and sip into some snappy coolers that will keep you going all through the day.

Asian Inspirations brings to you 5 easy 10 minute summer coolers to beat the heat. So pull out your glasses, pour these drinks and have a super cool day.

10-Minute Strawberry and Orange Mocktail

Sassy strawberry and juicy orange play together with a dash of cooling Aloe vera Yoosh. Loaded with health benefits, aloe vera is great for your skin during summer and Strawberry & Orange cool your body against the summer heat. Get the recipe here.

Strawberry Orange Yoosh - summer coolers

10-Minute Yoosh Honeydew Fresh

It’s time to grab your apron and mix together the cool and refreshing melony yoosh. It’s the most refreshing beverage to beat the summer heat. Get the recipe here.

Yoosh Honeydew Fresh - Easy 10 minute Summer Coolers

10-Minute Aloe Vera Lime Soda

Refreshing, relaxing, and just right, it doesn’t get better than a lime soda on a sizzling summer evening.  Plus the goodness of aloe vera is just wjat you need during summer. But here’s a twist that makes this beverage a lot better. Check out the recipe here.

Aloe Vera Lime Soda - Easy 10 minute Summer Coolers

10-Minute Lychee Mocktail

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients including vitamin C and vitamin B6  Lychee is the superhero of summer drinks.  Here’s a special Lychee Mocktail to tickle your taste buds on a sunny day by the pool. Get the recipe here.

10 minute yoosh lychee mocktail

10-Minute Mango and Banana Smoothie

When it’s summer, you know it’s time to Tango with Mango! Loaded with fibers and nutrients, both banana and mango are perfect to quench your summer thirst and keep your gut clean. You can also have this smoothie for a breakfast if you are pressed for time. Get the recipe here.

mango and banana Smoothie - Easy 10-minute Summer Coolers

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