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Create Your Own Multicultural Moon Festival Menu

The Moon Festival is a multicultural affair, with vibrant celebrations across Asia each year. To help you create your own multicultural Moon Festival menu, we’ve combined some of the signature dishes and ingredients of the Moon Festival in recipes from China, Thailand, Malaysia and Korea, for a Moon Festival menu that’s sure to be memorable.

Steamed Peking duck rolls

Kickstart your multicultural Moon Festival menu with one of the stars of the season, duck. These steamed Peking duck rolls are a cinch to make, leaving you more time to get on with the main courses.

Asian Duck Recipes For Dinner

Malaysian butter crabs

For a showstopping Moon Festival main course, may we suggest these Malaysian butter crabs. Hairy crab is a popular Moon Festival Food in China, so this Malaysia recipe gives it a Southeast Asian twist.

malaysia butter crabs

Thai pumpkin curry

Pumpkins are used to celebrate the Moon Festival across Asia, as they are abundant at this time of year. For an indulgent second main that’ll work a treat with the buttery crabs, make this impressive yellow curry of bugs, sweet pumpkin and tomato.

Difference between Red, Yellow and Green Thai curries

Korean japchae

During the Moon Festival in Korea, colourful japchae often makes an appearance. Serve this chewy stir-fried noodles alongside your seafood courses.

Korean Japchae - Stir-fried Glass Noodles

Glutinous taro balls

The tradition of eating taro during the Moon Festival began in China in the Quing Dynasty. For a Thai take on this starchy root vegetable, try this dessert of glutinous taro balls in sweet coconut syrup.



No Moon Festival feast is complete without a serve of mooncakes. Find out how to make mooncakes in 10 simple steps.

For more Moon Festival features, read the 8 things you need to know about the Moon Festival, or discover all of the Chinese Moon Festival foods.

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