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Create Your Own Japanese Dinner Party At Home

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to have travelled to Japan recently, you can create your own Japanese dinner party!


Rather than serve just one entrée, be inspired by the Japanese art of kaiseki dining by creating a series of small tastes. Begin with these Grilled Scallops with Daikon and Cold Noodle sauce, before moving on to plump Gyoza, and finally Tempura cooked to order. Serve with sparkling wine or a crisp Japanese sake.
Gyoza (Japanese Pot Sticker Dumplings)


Return to a familiar format for main course, serving just one dish (it’ll save you running back and forth to the kitchen). With all eyes on the one plate, you’ll want to make it a show-stopper, such as this elegant meal of Kingfish Ochazuke, delicate sashimi-style kingfish served over rice, with genmaicha tea poured over at the table. If your guests aren’t fans of raw fish, serve this restaurant-style recipe for Wasabi Chicken with Wasabi Mashed Potato. Choose a citrusy riesling for the kingfish or a full-bodied chardonnay for the chicken.



Follow the lead of the Japanese by keeping things light and refined for dessert. Trawl your local Japanese grocer for five delicious Japanese desserts to serve with green tea, or simply source in-season produce, such as these signature Japanese fruits for a virtuous end to your meal.


Thanks to the delicate flavours and elegant presentations, a Japanese dinner party menu requires a careful consideration of the drinks. Take a read of our entertainer’s guide to Japanese food and drink matching for expert pairings at your dinner party. If you want to take your drinks menu beyond wine and sake, discover these top 5 traditional Japanese drinks, including healthy teas and juices.

For more Japanese recipes that are sure to impress your guests, create your own Japanese teppanyaki experience at home.

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