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Cool Japanese Dinners for Hot Summer Nights

The Japanese have a knack for making cold yet satisfying dinners for hot summer nights. Try cool Japanese salads, cold Japanese noodle recipes and easy Japanese sushi rolls to beat the heat this summer.

Beef tataki salad

The secret to creating this authentic beef tataki salad is to sear the beef, then marinate it in a soy-garlic dressing and freeze it for a few hours. Once it’s firm, you’ll be able to cut wafer-thin slices of beef to serve over a soba salad.

Japanese Beef Tataki Salad Recipe

Tangy cold cha soba noodles

We could eat this tangy cha soba noodle dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner during summer. It’s perfect for school and work lunches.

Tangy Cold Cha Soba Noodles

Grilled scallops with daikon

Ideal as an entrée or a light supper, these grilled scallops with daikon and cold noodle sauce are just a little bit posh. Serve them with chilled sake for the full Japanese experience.

Seared Scallops with Fried Nori & Pickled Ginger

California rolls

Sushi and summer go hand in hand, so why not whip up a batch of these cool California rolls. To mix things up, why not try our five creative sushi fillings?

Japanese california rolls

Teriyaki swordfish salad

Team a cool and crunchy Japanese salad of asparagus, cucumber and Asian greens with fresh-off-the-grill fish for this refreshingly light teriyaki swordfish salad.

Teriyaki Sword fish Salad

For more summer cooking inspiration, try Japanese teppanyaki at home, or these flame-grilled favourites for your next barbecue.


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