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Cooking Tips for a Complete Chinese Kitchen

When you’re planning a meal around Chinese cuisine, it is extremely important to have techniques such as steaming and stir-frying on your fingertips. A badly done Chinese dish can really punish your taste buds.

Asian Inspirations presents a few helpful cooking tips to turn you into a pro, so that your guests go back home feeling as if they just finished a meal at a Chinese restaurant! Here are a few Chinese Cooking Tips.

Cook Rice First

Cook Rice First

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Rice-based meals are popular with those who love Chinese cooking. So, if you have friends who want the most authentic rice meal, make sure you prepare the rice in a rice cooker or earthen pot. This helps to keep the rice hot while you prepare the other dishes.

Adding Leafy Vegetables to Your Wok

Adding Leafy Vegetables to Your Wok

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Leafy vegetables are best prepared in a wok. For this purpose, it’s good to cut these vegetables into two or three large pieces. Remember, the stems go in first, followed by the leaves themselves.

How to Cook Your Noodles

How to Cook Your Noodles

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The thing about Chinese noodles is that they cook a lot quicker than spaghetti. If the dish you’re preparing is a noodle soup, undercook the noodles a little.

Use Garlic


Image Courtesy: Kate Palaña used under the Creative Commons Licence

Garlic is a very popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine, and it is used liberally. When you’re adding it, keep in mind that garlic tastes better when pounded rather than minced or sliced.

Keep Soy Sauce Handy

Soy Sauce

Image Courtesy: Dan Klimke used under the Creative Commons Licence

Soy sauce is perhaps the most important ingredient in a Chinese kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you’re making prawns or octopus or beef or just noodles – if there’s no soy sauce around as a condiment, the Chinese would consider your dish as incomplete.

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