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Cook, Snap & Win Highlights: 5 Mouthwatering Mains

We’re nearing the end of our Chinese New Year Cooking Contest, with just 11 days until the competition ends on February 26th. This year’s competition is bigger than ever as Australia’s best home cooks duel it out for the chance to win a trip for four to Thailand, valued at up to $29,000!

There are hundreds of recipes for you to explore on the Cook, Snap & Win leaderboard, with new dishes added every day. To make sure you don’t miss out on a single tasty morsel, we’ve rounded up five of the most mouthwatering mains.

Sizzling 8 hour pork belly ssam by Melinda Savage

Korean is one of the hottest cuisines in Australia right now, and Melinda Savage has her finger firmly on the pulse of the local culinary trends with this outstanding recipe for sizzling eight-hour pork belly ssam. Try it for yourself this weekend.

Sizzling 8 Hour Pork Belly Ssam

Kawaii Bento by Mel

Inspired by the bento boxes of Japan, Mel’s Kawaii bento (meaning ‘cute bento’) is almost too adorable to eat! The presentation here is out of this world, with its panda rice patties and star-shaped tofu. Kawaii indeed!

Kawaii Bento

Chilli mud crab by Chloe Lai

If you’re looking for a dinner party main that will blow your guests away, look no further than this chilli mud crab recipe from Chloe Lai – just be sure to have finger bowls and bibs handy… things are about to get messy!

Chilli Mud Crab

Sesame-crusted salmon with miso & wasabi pea puree by Glenda McDonnell

2016 grand prize winner Glenda McDonnell is at it again, this time whipping up a sesame-crusted salmon with miso wasabi pea puree that wouldn’t look out of place in a top restaurant. If you want tips on food styling like a chef, read our guide to plating like a professional.

Sesame Crusted Salmon with Miso & Wasabe Pea Puree

Chilli fish by Michael

Inspired by the lip-tingling dishes of Sichuan province in China, Michael’s chilli fish will warm you from the inside out. As Michael says, “This one is super tasty and a great way to have a light and flavoursome meal. Don’t be scared of the chilli, in the context of this meal it adds some awesome flavour and the heat can be easily controlled by adjusting the chilli to taste.”

Chilli Fish

Think you’ve got a main course to rival these creations? Enter Cook, Snap & Win by February 26 for your chance to share in fantastic prizes. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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