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Christmas Party with a Difference: Five Reasons To Go Korean Barbecue

If you’re looking for a unique setting for your end-of-year function or a festive get-together with friends, then look no further than Korean barbecue! Find out why we think a night out at your local Korean barbecue restaurant will be your best Christmas party yet.

Daeji Bulgogi

1. It’s fun

Korean barbecue is loud, lively, and a great way to unwind, making it ideal for festive gatherings with a large group – no one will look askance if things get noisy! Finish off your meal with a round of karaoke to end the year on a high note.

2. It’s communal

Barbecues act as a social hub, and Korean barbecue is no different. Watch everyone relax as they take it in turns to flip meats on the communal grill. It sure beats a stuffy cocktail part.

3. It’s affordable

Booking Korean barbecue for a work or social party won’t break the budget. Korean restaurants generally offer a range of menus and banquet packages at different price points, with the opportunity to splurge on expensive seafood options if you really want to impress.

BBQ Galbi - Create your own Korean barbecue at home

4. It’s perfect booze food

It’s the festive season, so chances are your guests will want to indulge in a drink (or a few!). Korean barbecue is the ideal booze food, and as your guests will be consuming a substantial meal while they imbibe, it’s a good way to ensure things don’t get out of hand too quickly. Serve crisp beers and soju rice wine cocktails to start, before moving onto a tempranillo or GSM red wine for the meatier dishes.

Beef Bulgogi

5. It’s easy to cater for allergies

Arranging menus for a group can be tricky these days, due to allergies and diet choices. As it’s generally free of gluten and dairy, Korean barbecue can be a great option for those with dietary needs – simply include an order of unmarinated meats (as the marinades may contain gluten), steer clear of soy sauce dressings and, for lactose-intolerant, highlight any dishes that contain cheese. As always, it’s best to chat with the restaurant in advance to advise of any requirements.

For tips on booking Korean barbecue for a group, read our handy guide to Korean restaurants in Australia. Or, go all out and host your own Korean barbecue at home.

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