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Choose Your Own Curry Adventure

To help you sift through the scores of authentic curry recipes on Asian Inspirations, we’ve devised a handy guide. Simply choose your preferred protein, then narrow down your options based on cooking time and spice level. Think of it as a ‘choose your own adventure’ experience, but with a delicious dinner at the end of the journey.


One of the most versatile proteins, chicken makes the perfect addition to a midweek curry. Choose fast-cooking cuts such as breast fillet, or take it low and slow with drumsticks and marylands.

Mild and fast chicken curry

For a gentle curry the whole family will love, try this Thai-style yellow chicken curry.

yellow chicken curry

Mild and slow chicken curry

If you have more time on your side, make this Northern Thai curry noodle with chicken recipe, or slow-cook a Nyonya-style kapitan chicken curry.

Northern Curry Noodle with Chicken - Khao Soi

Spicy and fast chicken curry

Want heat in a matter of minutes? Whip up this classic Thai green curry with chicken, or fire up your palate with this lip-smacking Thai jungle curry.

thai jungle curry

Spicy and slow chicken curries

For those days when you want to brew up a spicy chicken curry, put this Malaysian white curry chicken on to simmer.

01 Malaysian White Curry Chicken_Lingham's


You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a cut of beef for your Asian curry. For fast-tracked dinners, select a lean steak (such as rump or sirloin), or for more leisurely affair look to secondary cuts such as chuck.

Mild and fast beef curries

The whole family will love the delicate flavours of this Japanese beef curry, on the table in under 30 minutes.

Japanese Beef Curry

Mild and slow beef curries

Set aside a few hours this weekend to make a luscious massaman beef curry – for a slow-cooked sensation, choose chuck steak and simmer for at least 90 minutes.

Thai Massaman beef curry Recipe

Spicy and fast beef curries

Faster than takeaway? You betcha. This super speedy Thai green curry with beef packs a flavour punch in 15 minutes.

Green curry beef

Spicy and slow beef curries

Crack open a bottle of wine, put on your favourite tunes, then spend the next few hours brewing this rich Malaysian beef rendang.

01 Malaysian Beef Rendang_Yeo's


Take your pick of prawns, crustaceans or fillets of fish, then select your spice and speed for these authentic seafood curry recipes.

Mild and fast seafood curries

Use delicate snapper fillets to create this mild Malaysian fish curry in 15 minutes. Fast-cooking prawns also mean less time in the kitchen – try this red curry with prawns and pineapple, or panaeng curry prawnsfor tantalising Thai meals in minutes.

Thai Red Curry with Prawns and Pineapple Recipe

Mild and slow seafood curries

If you’re out to impress, visit your fishmonger to buy sweet shellfish for this yellow curry of bugs, pumpkin and tomato, including a homemade curry paste.

Yellow Curry of Bugs, Sweet Pumpkin and Tomato Recipe

Spicy and fast seafood curries

The rich flavour of the fish is the perfect foil for the spice of the red curry paste in this delicious recipe for choo chee salmon.

Salmon in Red Curry Recipe - Choo Chee Pla Salmon

Spicy and slow seafood curries

Look to the flavour-packed fish curries of Malaysia to make your own spice pastes, such as this mouth-watering Malaysian Indian fish curry, or ‘sour-spicy’ assam fish curry.

Assam Fish Curry Recipe

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