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Cheat day: Ditch the Diet for Asias Ultimate Deep-fried Dishes

All that talk of KFC (Korean fried chicken) has left us with a serious craving for deep-fried foods. We’re calling this Tuesday a cheat day, as we ditch the diet in favour of Asia’s ultimate deep-fried dishes.

Deep-fried Belachan Chicken Wings

For a Malaysian twist on Korean fried chicken, tuck into a bucket of these jumbo wings, seasoned with shrimp paste, oyster sauce and black pepper. They’re perfect beer fodder.

Deep Fried Belachan Chicken Wings Recipe

Wasabi Croquettes

Fluffy, crunchy and hot: these these Japanese potato and corn croquettes form the winning trifecta of fried foods.

Japanese Wasabi Croquette Recipe

Fried Chinese Meat Dumplings

With their golden, bubbled base and tender filling, these Chinese dumplings make a worthy detour from your diet. But be warned, they’re seriously addictive.

Fried Chinese Meat Dumplings Recipe

Fried Eggs in Chilli and Soy

A far cry from your Sunday bacon and eggs, this tempting Thai dish comprises deep-fried eggs slathered in a pungent chilli and soy sauce.

Fried Eggs in Chilli and Soy Recipe

Deep-fried Agedashi Tofu

This delicate Japanese starter is pure comfort food: cubes of silken tofu, fried to a pale golden, then served in a savoury dashi broth with flavourful bonito flakes.

Deep-fried Tofu in soy (agedashi tofu) Recipe -Dish

Crispy Fried Noodles

A Thai takeaway favourite, this crispy fried noodle dish is perfect for scoffing on the couch. Plus, our homemade version is ready in 20 minutes, way faster than delivery.

Crispy Fried Noodles

Fried scallop wontons

For an indulgent starter or snack, encase fresh scallops in wonton wrappers or flaky pastry.

Fried Scallop Wontons Recipe

Thai fish cakes

Flavoured with kaffir lime and fiery jungle curry paste, these tasty little fish cakes make the ideal entree for a Thai meal.

Thai Fish Cake

Spring rolls

Filled with prawns, pork or vegetables, this dim sum staple is a sure-fire hangover cure.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Fried bananas

Crunchy on the outside, gooey within, this sticky, sweet street-food is a must-try on every trip to Thailand. Get the recipe here.

thai Fried Bananas

Image Courtesy: Sandor Weisz used under the Creative Commons Licence

Before you start sizzling, read our 5 tips for deep-frying.

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