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Beer Food: Malaysian Hawker Snacks for Your Next Backyard Party

Gather your mates for an afternoon of ice-cold beers and spicy Malaysian snacks. From curry puffs to chicken wings and satay skewers, you’ll find the perfect beer match for the robust flavours of Malaysia.

Curry puffs

You’ll be frying high if you serve these crunchy, golden curry puffs at your next get-together. Deep-fry a big batch before your friends arrive, then simply reheat in the oven.

Beer match: An aromatic Indian Pale Ale gets along swimmingly with the spice in these curry puffs, and the hoppy characters will cut through the fat.

Malaysian Curry Puff Karipap

Fried chicken wings

Fried chicken and beer go together like bread and butter. For a full-throttle Malaysian take on this classic combination, try these deep-fried belachan chicken wings. Trust us, your mates won’t know they’ve been marinated in shrimp paste… they’ll just appreciate the deeply savoury flavours.

Beer match: Something with a little funk, such as a saison, to stand up to the big flavours of the belachan.

Deep Fried Belachan Chicken Wings Recipe

Malaysian satay beef skewers

Skip the standard sausages and steaks in favour of these flavour-packed satay beef skewers. Ditch the tomato sauce, too, and instead serve a bowl of warm satay sauce for dipping.

Beer match: The rich notes and nutty characters of a brown ale will go down a treat with these satay skewers.

01 Malaysian Satay Beef_Yeo's

Tamarind prawns

Gather around the barbecue with your buddies to grill these saucy, succulent tamarind prawns. Be sure to have plenty of napkins on hand for these finger-lickin’ crustaceans!

Beer match: An American lager is just the ticket for the spicy flavours and intense aromatics in these prawns.

Tamarind Prawn Recipe

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