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Basic Difference Between Thai Red, Yellow and Green Curry

Thai cuisine has an array of curries to offer. The most sought after being the Green, red and yellow Thai curries.

Not many people would know the basic difference between Thai curries until they are a pro in cooking Asian food.

It is easy to buy the store bought curry paste and cook the meal in a jiffy, but what exactly goes into these curries that give it a distinct flavour and texture is something that you should know.

Here is the basic difference between Thai red, yellow and green curry:

Thai Green Curry

Thailand’s signature green curry’s base is made of  exotic herbs like lemongrass, basil and coriander along with green chillies and galangal that gives it a bright green hue and a hearty flavour. Additionally onions, garlic and shrimp paste are also added. The coconut milk is added to reduce the heat and even out the flavours. Ain’t that just a breeze to make green curry paste? Check out some of the green curry recipe here:

Tofu and Mushroom Green Curry Recipe - Difference between Thai curries

Thai Red Curry

Red curry has similar herbs as that of green curry but with an addition of dried red chillies, cumin and coriander seeds. The red hue is because of the red chillies and the hot bird’s eye chillies used to make the curry paste. Here’s an easy recipe of Thai red curry paste along with delicious recipes


Thai Yellow Curry

Yellow curry also known as gaeng leung or gaeng karee  in Thai is a version of Indian yellow curry, which includes dried spices in the curry paste. The characteristic yellow is because of the turmeric added in the curry. Yellow curry paste nam prik gaeng karee is milder than green and red curry pastes but also has similar herbs as that of green and red curry for the base. Check out the recipes for Yellow curry paste:

yellow curry fried rice - Difference between Thai curries

So now you know the basic differences between Red, yellow and green curry don’t you? Try our recipes and let us know how it turned out for you.

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