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Autumn Hues: 8 Warming Recipes In This Season’s Hottest Colours

Autumn is synonymous with the rich colours of red, orange and yellow, so why not bring those warming hues into your cooking? Turn up the heat with eight Asian recipes in this season’s hottest colours.

Japanese curry pork buns

Go for gold with these Japanese curry pork buns, fragrant with spices and rich with pork.


Vegetarian yellow curry skewers

Thai yellow curry paste adds an earthy hue to these vegetarian barbecue skewers. Use your favourite autumn vegetables, such as capsicum, zucchini and onion, from our A to Z of autumn fruits and vegetables.


Yellow curry fried rice

Give fried rice an autumnal makeover by adding a dash of yellow curry paste, which adds full-on flavour and colour.

yellow curry fried rice

Northern curry noodles with chicken

Fresh turmeric adds the beautiful golden tones to this warming Thai dish of Northern curry noodles with chicken.

Northern Curry Noodle with Chicken - Khao Soi

Strawberry and orange mocktail

Make the most of the late-season strawberries and new-season oranges in this healthy strawberry and orange mocktail, which includes a splash of aloe vera juice.

Refreshing Mocktails for Entertaining

Panaeng pumpkin and lentil soup

When the mercury drops, our thoughts turn to soup, such as this russet-red panaeng pumpkin and lentil soup.


Red curry with prawns and pineapple

Take yellow pineapple, orange prawns and red curry paste and you have the full autumn colour palette in one delicious Thai red curry.

Thai Red Curry with Prawns and Pineapple Recipe

Simmered beef in hot chilli soup

Brimming with chillies and Sichuan peppercorns, this bubbling broth of simmered beef in hot chilli soup will warm you from the inside out.


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