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Asia’s Tastiest Pork Recipes for Lunar New Year

Rich and luscious, pork is a favourite meat for Lunar New Year celebrations. Impress your guests with one of these delectable pork dishes, from flavour-packed dumplings and buns to roast and braised dishes that will take centre stage.

Chinese pork dumplings

Say hello to a prosperous 2017 with these fried Chinese meat dumplings, said to resemble gold ingots.

Fried Chinese Meat Dumplings

Japanese curried pork buns

For a Japanese twist on golden dumplings, try these Japanese curried pork buns, redolent with spices and onion.


Cantonese roasted pork belly

As gold symbolises wealth, why not serve a golden slab of Cantonese roasted pork belly as part of your Lunar New Year feast? The sound of everyone crunching into their crackling is sure to draw the attention of the gods, too!

Roasted Pork Belly Recipe

Vietnamese braised pork

A staple on the Vietnamese table during the New Year celebrations, this luscious braised pork dish is cooked in coconut juice.

Vietnamese-style Braised Pork - 10 tips to plan your asian meal

Korean chilli pork

Add some spice to your Lunar New Year banquet by serving this fiery Korean specialty of daeji bulgogi pork belly, brimming with garlic and chilli paste.

Daeji Bulgogi

Create your own Chinese New Year tradition by cooking an original recipe for our Chinese New Year Cooking Contest. Cook, Snap & Win for your chance to win a trip for four to Thailand valued at up to $29,000!

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