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Asian Soup Accompaniments

If your Asian soup is a hearty one, rich in protein, starch and vegetables – it could very well be a meal in itself without the need for any accompaniments. However try these different tips to help create new tastes in you kitchen.

Spicy Asian soups like Tom Yum can be served with a side of fresh vegetables. Vegetables like bean shoots, shredded cabbage, French beans, julienned carrots and even Thai mint will add to the flavour of the dish. While the soup is still steaming hot, simply add the desired amount of vegetables into the soup and stir them in. The freshness of the vegetables will add a new dynamic taste to the soup.

For soups with little or no carbohydrates, you could serve it up with a bowl of steaming rice. The best way to enjoy this combination is to scoop a bit of rice in your soup spoon and top it up with delicious soup. When eaten together, the rice helps bring out the flavours of the soup.

Soup accompaniments

Be adventurous and don’t be afraid to try different accompaniments. A tangy Asian-inspired slaw or a simple salad with a good vinaigrette goes well with rich soups and makes for an excellent two-course meal. You could dress up the soup itself with a contrasting relish, a fried egg, prawn crackers or crispy fried onions/shallots. In Taiwan, they sometimes even add a sliced of fried luncheon meat on top of sour soups. You can even add dumplings or serve them on the side – this helps give the soup more substance (unless it’s a cream coup).

Try some of these accompaniments out the next time you make soup and find out what suits your taste best.

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