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Asian Prawn Delicacies for Entertaining

With Christmas around the corner, we would like to share with you some of our favourite prawn delicacies perfect for entertaining. These recipes are the perfect way to add an Asian touch to your Christmas lunch. Everyone loves a prawn dish cooked right. The crunch. The juice. The taste. Everything about the seafood just oozes flavour. Especially when flavoured with spices and curries that are the specialties of Southeast Asia.

What’s amazing about Asian prawn delicacies is that pack so much exotic flavour within their layers. Even a simple platter laden with rice and prawn can tingle your taste buds. So get creative this Christmas and try one or all of these dishes.

Prawn Yellow Curry

Asian Prawn Delicacies

Having friends over? Treat them to a bowl full of this Thai specialty infused with turmeric and coconut milk. Watch flavours come alive on the dinner table. Asian Inspirations gives you the perfect recipe.

Sambal Prawns

Asian Prawn Delicacies


If it’s seafood the Southeast Asian way, may as well be cooked inaromatic sambal. Busting with spice and heat, sambal prawns will simply delight you. Here’s the simplest recipe you will find.

Pad Thai with Prawns

Asian Prawn Delicacies


When to comes to seafood, Thai cuisine is your go to guide. Pad Thaiwith Prawns is a very tricky dish to master, but here’s a recipe that’ll help you turn your kitchen into a master kitchen.

Prawn Mee Soup

Asian Prawn Delicacies


For an authentic presentation that will thrill your guests, serve it up in a wooden bowl, placed carefully on a banana leaf, with a couple of soups and curries to go with it, and Prawn Mee Soup is the picture perfect Southeast Asian dish. The melange of noodles and juicy prawns will give you the best meal of your day. Be sure to sample our simple recipe.

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