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Asian Food for Beginners: Mild-mannered Recipes for Toddlers

Children of all ages will love these kid-friendly Asian recipes. Start introducing your toddlers to the authentic flavours of Asia from an early age and you’ll have a food-loving child in the making. From sweet Japanese-style omelettes to fruity fried rice and a Chinese take on chicken nuggets, our tried and tested recipes are the ideal Asian foods for beginners – you might even win over a few fussy adults too!

Japanese omelette

This delicate Japanese omelette will appeal to even the fussiest palate, thanks to its gentle sweetness from the sugar and mirin. You can start to introduce eggs from six months, unless there’s a family history of egg allergies, in which case it’s best to wait until 12 months.


Pineapple fried rice

Diced pineapple adds a lovely sweet note to this Thai fried rice recipe, making it an ideal introduction to the flavours of Thailand. Plus, it’s packed with lean protein thanks to the prawns and chicken, and an array of colourful vegetables. Smalls will love scooping this up with their fingers.

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Chicken and sweet corn soup

The mild flavours of Chinese chicken and sweet corn soup will be a hit with the whole family this winter. For babies who are just starting out on solids, blend the finished soup to a smooth consistency, and hold the spring onion garnish.

Chinese chicken and sweet corn soup

Honey chicken

If your kids are already fans of chicken nuggets, then whip up a batch of this honey-sesame chicken, made using lean chicken breast and a light coating. Your kids will love tucking into these sticky nuggets with their fingers, and you’ll love the fact that you know each ingredient that’s gone into making them. So much better than a store-bought variety.


Nyonya sweet broth

A fantastic recipe when children are making the transition to solids, this Nyonya sweet broth is loaded with good-for-you root vegetables, plus the sweetness of bananas and coconut cream. You can also blend the broth to make a smooth puree.


Once your toddlers have embraced these mild Asian flavours, try kid-friendly Asian recipes for midweek dinners.

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