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Asian Beef Recipes: Pick the Right Meat Cuts

Selecting the right cuts of meat for Asian beef recipes is the most important step in preparing any Asian dish. The different cuts of beef are selected based on the time taken to cook each recipe as well as the cooking method used. Lean cuts of beef, for example, are better suited to braising rather than grilling. Here is a quick guide to ensure that you always select the right cuts of meat for Asian beef recipes.

Cuts of beef Asian

Pick the right meat cuts: Chuck

Indonesian Pot Roast

Can either be grilled or braised, but is best when ground to mince. Perfect for your curries and Indonesian pot roasts.

Try our Indonesian pot roast the next time you buy some chuck meat!

Pick the right meat cuts: Rib

Honey Ribs Stew with Rosemary

Best cooked over dry heat, such as on a barbecue. Marinate with soy sauce, garnish with lime and let the juices settle in. Use ribs for pad see ew, laksa and all your Asian-styled ribs.

We recommend Honey ribs stew with rosemary – it’s delicious and a crowd favourite!

Pick the right meat cuts: Sirloin

Stir-fried beef with lemon grass

The most popular cut because these are versatile. You can slow cook them or grill them. Just remember, because these cuts come without a bone, they tend to dry out faster. Keep an eye on it while cooking, you don’t want to make it too tough. Sirloin is great for stir-fries and skewered dishes.

Our Stir-fried beef with lemon grass is a perfect example of how sirloin can be a big hit in Chinese cooking!

Pick the right meat cuts: Round

Indonesian Beef Satay Salad

Probably one of the toughest cuts to cook because they lack fat. We don’t recommend grilling it. Braising is the best option. You can use round steaks to cook up anything from satays and curries to bibimbap.

Our Indonesian beef satay salad is a must-try recipe if you’re considering buy this cut of beef.

Pick the right meat cuts: Brisket

Massaman Curry with Beef (Gaeng Massaman Nuea)

Remember to cook it slowly. It’s not very tender, but when it’s cooked properly, it’s a crowd favourite. Smoke it or braise it, but let it cook for a couple of hours for the best results. Use it in stews, phos or even massaman curry.

Check out the recipe for our Massaman curry with beef, and tell us how much you loved it!

Pick the right meat cuts: Short plate

BBQ wasabi beef steaks with mushroom rice salad

The best cut of beef for grilling. Short plate cuts come from the belly of the cow and is traditionally a very fatty cut. Unlike the round cuts that aren’t suited to grilling because of the lack of fat, short plate cuts make ideal cuts for high heat grilling.

BBQ wasabi beef steaks with mushroom rice salad – need we say more? Try it today!

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