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All-day Cooking: 8 Asian Recipes for Full-on Flavour

Take a slow and steady approach to cooking this weekend. Build layers of flavour into your food with these eight authentic recipes for slow-braised meats, tender roasts and a Malaysian sweet treat that is worth the wait.

Massaman lamb shanks

There’s no rushing these massaman lamb shanks. For fall-apart results, cook the lamb for at least 90 minutes in the oven, or make it an all-day affair by setting and forgetting on your slow cooker.

Lamb Shanks Recipe

Daeji bulgogi

The secret to this daeji bulgogi (Korean chilli pork) is all in the marinating. Be sure to marinate the pork for at least several hours, or overnight if you’re using a tougher cut such as pork neck.

Daeji Bulgogi

Indonesian roast chicken

For the ultimate flavour boost, marinate this Indonesian roast chicken for 24 hours in the fridge, turning the chicken occasionally to coat in the herb and spice mixture.

Braised pork belly

To create this Mao-style braised pork belly, simmer cubes of pork belly in a rich soy broth for over an hour until the meat is sticky and tender.

Braised Pork Belly Mao Style Recipe

Beef rendang

For an authentic beef rendang at home, blend your own spice paste, then season with essential herbs and simmer in coconut milk for at least two hours. The aromas are guaranteed to stop traffic in your street.

Beef Rendang Recipe

Braised duck with mixed vegetables

It may require a lengthy shopping list and around two hours cooking time, but the effort will be worth it for this Chinese-style braised duck with mixed vegetables. Serve it as a main course in a Chinese banquet with a bottle of pinot noir.


Honey roasted chicken

Follow these three steps to Sunday roast perfection: soak, boil then bake your chicken in a luscious glaze. Serve this Chinese honey roasted chicken with steamed greens and jasmine rice for a twist on tradition.

Chinese Honey Roasted Chicken Recipe

Malaysian kaya

A breakfast staple in Southeast Asia, Malaysian kaya is a rich, thick coconut jam. It requires constant attention over two hours of cooking, but we think you’ll agree it’s worth every minute.

Malaysian Kaya Recipe

For more professional tips, try your hand at these seven kitchen hacks to take your cooking to the next level.

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