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A new twist on Charcoal Chicken: Thai-style Barbecued Chicken

In our quest to create the ultimate summer barbecue, today we’re turning our attention to the flavours of Thailand. In the Isaan region in the Northeast, barbecued chicken, or gai yang, is a must eat. Locals follow the scent of flame-grilled bird to rustic roadside stalls, where they tuck into juicy butterflied chicken served with a refreshing som tum salad, fiery dipping sauces and sticky rice. Try this Thai barbecue menu for a new twist on charcoal chicken this summer.

Gai yang

The centerpiece of your Thai barbecue will be the gai yang, or country-style barbecue chicken. The secret to perfectly cooked poultry is butterflying the bird, then marinating the chicken for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight. Follow our authentic recipe for gai yang here.


Country Style Barbecue Chicken

Som tum

Another Thai barbecue must-have is som tum salad. Visit your local Asian greengrocer or market to buy a green papaya (check that it is firm) then whip up this tangy som tum salad recipe. If you can’t find green papaya, substitute green mango or shredded carrot.

raw papaya salad

Dipping sauces

Create a duo of dipping sauces to accompany your grilled chicken (find the instructions with the gai yang recipe above). Alternatively, serve with bowl of Thai sweet chilli sauce and Sriracha chilli sauce for an easy shortcut.

Sticky rice and salad greens

The final essential side dishes are sticky rice and salad greens. Steam or microwave sticky rice for the best results. Choose a selection of greens, such as cabbage and lettuce leaves, cucumber and Thai basil.

For more Asian barbecue inspiration, try Japanese teppanyaki at home, or give your summer barbecue staples a Korean makeover.

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