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9 Authentic Asian twists to Sunday’s lunch leftovers

Smart cooking doesn’t need to be difficult cooking. You can easily learn how to whip up authentic Asian dishes from Sunday’s lunch leftovers by adapting and using them in resourceful and original ways. Try these delicious recipes and get creative in the kitchen whilst saving food, money and our planet. Your family will love you for it.


Ideas for leftover roast beef

 1.     Thai beef salad

Make an aromatic salad with fresh ingredients and vibrant colours. This dish is a joyous celebration of flavours that will awaken your taste buds and keep you wanting for more. The taste is so fresh; you won’t believe you are eating leftovers!

Tip: skip part of step 1 of the recipe and cut leftover beef in 1 cm thick strips.

Beef in Oyster Sauce with Soba Noodle

2.     Beef in oyster sauce with soba noodles

Leftover beef will never taste the same again. This convenient and tasty beef dish is also healthy as it is packed with fresh veggies.

Tip: Get creative and replace the raw beef in this recipe with leftover roast beef cut into strips. Just reduce the cooking time for the beef strips. Otherwise, proceed with the recipe as described.


3.     Cantonese soy garlic beef

This fragrant Cantonese style beef dish, enhanced with the distinctive flavours of soy and garlic, is a surprisingly easy wok meal.

Tip: Skip Step 1 in this recipe, instead use roast beef slices. Reduce cooking time in Step 2 so the beef does not dry out too much.


Ideas for roast pork

4.     Roast pork in Vietnamese rice paper roll

Easy to make and easy to eat. Summer treat for your family and kids. Get rolling!

Tip: You can create this recipe with leftover roast pork and skip one whole step. There is no need to make patties. The trick is to replace the pork mince with roast pork strips. Add marinade and pan-fry for 2 minutes. Let cool and proceed with making the rolls. Done deal!

Pan-fried Pork Patty in Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll Recipe

5.     Vietnamese Banh Mi with roast pork

This famous and popular Vietnamese salad roll is packed with flavour and super-easy to make.

Tip: Just replace the luncheon meat in the recipe with slices of roast pork. For even more flavour, drizzle some hoisin sauce on the pork.


6.     Glass noodle salad with pork and prawn

Try this mouth-watering summer salad with a delicate, yet tantalizing balance of sweet, salty and sour. The soft noodles complement the crunchy celery leaves and onion, creating a contrasting mix of textures.

Tip: Use leftover pork in step 3 instead of pork fillet. For a different version, this recipe works with leftover roast chicken as well.


Ideas for roast chicken

7.     Sweet corn and chicken soup

This luscious soup is a classic of Chinese cuisine. Textural and flavoursome, it is a family favourite loved by everyone. Try this and you will be surprised by how easily you can make your homemade version.

Tip: Instead of cubed chicken breast, pulled chicken from chicken carcass works just as well. For a thrifty twist, remove carcass of chicken immediately after purchase as it is easier to debone while it is still warm.

Chicken Curry Laksa

8.     Malaysian chicken curry laksa

Enjoy a taste of Kuala Lumpur with this curry laksa. The strong, satisfying, aromatic and spicy tones of this dish can be enjoyed in any season – perfect comfort food.

Tip: Step 1 of this recipe is made easy as you will simply use shredded pieces of leftover roast chicken.


9.     Vietnamese rice vermicelli salad

Refreshing and tasty salad for your summer barbecue; serve it as an entrée or a light main.

Tip: In this recipe, replace prawns with thick chicken slices. If you want the lot, add chicken together with the prawn for a richer taste.

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