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8 Food Resolutions For The New Year

Make 2018 the year of eating mindfully, as we share eight food resolutions for the New Year. From cutting down on food waste and eating less meat, to spending less time in the kitchen, our cooking tips will change the way you eat for the better.

1. Say no to food waste

Australian households throw out billions of dollars’ worth of food each year, which has an adverse effect on the environment – and our bank accounts. Whether it’s taking note of what’s in your fridge before you hit the shops, or getting creative with leftovers, there are plenty of ways you can join the war on food waste in Australia. Start by whipping up a batch of oriental fried rice using leftover ham and rice, and whatever vegetables and herbs you find in your crisper.

oriental fried rice

2. Eat less meat

Being an eco-minded eater goes beyond watching what you waste – meat consumption also puts a drain on the environment. Start to cut down your meat intake by making one or two vegetarian meals per week, then see if you can turn the tables so you’re cooking with meat just twice a week. These easy vegan and vegetarian dinner ideas are so tasty you won’t even miss the beef.

Ramen Noodles

3. Cut down your cooking time

Who couldn’t do with a little extra time on their hands? In 2018, make it a priority to spend less time in the kitchen by creating speedy stir-fries and quick curries that are ready in under 30 minutes.

Malaysian Snapper Curry

4. Use fewer utensils

Now that you’ve got your time at the stove under control, how about reducing the clean-up time, too? One-pot meals are here to help, so you don’t end up with piles of dishes at the end of the day.

Lemon Salmon Stew Recipe

5. Try something new

We all get stuck in cooking ruts from time to time, so make a pledge to try something new each week in 2018. From delicate pandan (which Nigella Lawson has dubbed as the next matcha) to Malaysian assam laksa with a fruity twist, the pages of Asian Inspirations are bursting with authentic new recipes to try.

Penang Assam Laksa

6. Reduce fat

Now that the feasts of Christmas are behind us, it’s time to have a gentle detox. Cutting down on fat doesn’t have to mean reducing flavour. Instead, switch deep-fried dishes for steamed, such as this Thai steamed fish recipe, and load up on fresh vegetables and herbs.

thai steamed fish with chilli and lime

7. Pound your own pastes

For those days when you do have a bit of time on your hands, put your kitchen skills to the test by pounding your own curry pastes. Make a big batch of this homemade Thai red curry paste, then freeze the leftovers for quick-smart midweek dinners.


8. Improve your gut health

Fermented foods have long been the cornerstone of Korean and Japanese diets, and they continue to make their charge into the mainstream in 2018. Discover the health benefits of kimchi, then make your own Korean pickled cabbage, adding this probiotic-packed superfood to everything from cheese toasties to kimchi dumplings.


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