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8 Facts About Dim Sum You Should Know if You Are a Foodie

Dimsums are an essential part of the Chinese cuisine and Chinese New year is never complete without digging into a bite of these dumplings.

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Dim sum originated in southern China in the Guangdong province. If you are wondering what a dim sum is well, it is a Cantonese dumpling that is generally prepared as small bite-sized portions of food and served in small steamer baskets. Dim sum is also linked with the tradition of yum cha (drinking tea), which has its roots in China.
That was when the teahouses were established along the roadside.

Here are 8 Facts About Dim Sum You Should Know if You Are a Foodie

1. The word Dim Sum, literally means point of the heart which is a direct translation of the Chinese word.

2. Dim sums are also known as Yum Cha, which means drinking tea and eating different varieties of small dishes. Each dim sum dish is generally served with three to four servings per dish accompanied with green tea or any tea.

3. Dim sums make for a satisfying meal since they are filled with different kinds of meat, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables or a combination of them to make it tasty.

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4. It is customary to pour tea for others before filling one’s own cup and also thank the person pouring the tea by tapping both the index and middle finger as a sign of gratitude.

5. Usually after a workout session, the older people gather to eat dim sums in the morning. Whereas, Yum cha is treated as a weekend family activity where friends and family gather to enjoy the dumplings.

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6. Did you know? The more the number of people that gather at a Yum Cha restaurant, the more varieties they get to taste.

7. If you are a newbie to trying dim sums, then the classic dim sums you must try are the Har Gow (steam shrimp dumpling),  Shao Mai (small steam dumplings with pork, shrimp filling or both) and Char Siu Bao. It is believed that the Yum Cha experience is quite incomplete without them. Dessert dim sums are also available at many places and the famous ones include the egg tart, mango pudding, Longan tofu to name a few.

Chinese Steamed Buns with Char Siu Pork Filling - Char Siu Bao Recipe

8. The reason why the tea is served free with dim sum is that the Chinese believed that drinking tea with greasy food burns away some of the fat from your meal.

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