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8 Dairy-free Asian Recipes Including Creamy Desserts

With its passion for soy and coconut products, it’s oh so easy to live a dairy-free life in Asia. Here we’ve chosen eight of our favourite dairy-free recipes for allergy-friendly dining that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out, including two decadent dairy-free desserts.

Hong Kong-style crab with ginger and spring onion

If you’re out to impress your dairy-free guests, whip up this indulgent Chinese dish of Hong Kong-style stir-fried crabs with ginger and spring onions. Be sure to serve with finger bowls – things are going to get messy!

Stir Fry Crabs with Ginger and Spring onions Hong Kong Style

Braised lamb with rice wine

Another delectable dinner party dish, this Chinese-style slow-braised lamb with rice wine is redolent with star anise, cinnamon and tangerine, with nary a hint of lactose in sight.

Braised Lamb with Rice Wine Recipe

Red curry with prawns and pineapple

Thai cuisine are also largely dairy-free, switching out cow’s milk for creamy coconut milk in dishes such as this red curry with prawns and pineapple.

Thai Red Curry with Prawns and Pineapple Recipe

Thai coconut sorbet

Even dessert gets a dairy-free makeover in Thailand, where you can treat yourself to this creamy coconut sorbet. Made with coconut milk, coconut cream and sweetened coconut flakes, it’s perfect for those on a vegan diet.

Coconut Sorbet
Coconut sorbet

Macadamia chicken curry sticks

Nuts are another genius way to achieve a creamy texture minus the dairy. This twist on Japanese yakitori uses macadamia nuts and Kewpie mayonnaise for a novel take on satay. Try the recipe here.

Macadamia Chicken Curry Sticks Recipe

Japanese salmon burgers

Burgers don’t have to be brimming with cheese and naughty sauces. These satisfying Japanese salmon burgers are sure to hit the spot – just be sure to make your own dairy-free mashed potato using soy or nut milk.

Japanese salmon burgers Recipe - Dish


For a bowl full of wholesome, dairy-free goodness, whip up a Korean bibimbap. We love the colourful, crunchy vegetables, the tender beef and the gooey fried egg – dairy-free dining at its flavour-packed best.


Mango and coconut mousse

Think mousse is on the banned list if you’re following a dairy-free diet? Think again. This luscious Malaysian-style mango and coconut mousse is sure to rock your world.

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