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8 Dumpling Recipes for the Chinese New year

Dumplings are juicy goodness wrapped and steamed for a delectable meal! Quick and easy to cook, dumplings are loved by everybody. Your Chinese New Year celebrations are incomplete without dumplings on the menu. We present to you our selection of some of the best dumpling recipes for Chinese new year to keep the festive spirit going.

Pork dumplings with prawn and chives

This recipe can be served as a side for soups, as an entree or even as a main course. With three simple steps and a common marination, it is definitely the most flavourful and delectable dumpling recipe.


Kimchi Dumplings

Kimchi is an all-time Korean favourite. It is one of the most versatile ingredients and what better way than to make dumplings of it! Kimchi along with onions, garlic, noodles, ground pork, scallions, pepper, vinegar and soy sauce are stuffed in this easy recipe to make mouth-watering dumplings. Get the recipe here.

Korean Kimchi dumplings Recipe

Fish dumplings

The most light and succulent recipe, fish dumplings bring the freshness of the sea to our tables. With simple and fresh ingredients, this sweet and spicy dumpling is sure to tingle your tastebuds. Get the recipe here.

Thai Fish Dumplings Recipe

Noodle and prawn dumpling soup

A meal by itself, noodle and prawn dumpling soup is a complete dish. A simple soup, heavenly dumpling and delightful noodles come together to make this dish a comfort food.

Noodle and Prawn Dumpling Soup

Japanese Potsticker Dumplings (Gyoza)

This dumpling is filled with goodness of pork, cabbage and spring onions. Will less than 30 minutes of cooking time Gyoza  is a quick fix for an Asian starter.

Japanese Potsticker Dumplings (gyoza) recipe

Char Siu Bao

Chinese steamed buns with char siu pork more commonly known as Char Siu Bao is a fusion of Cantonese and Chinese cuisine. This entree recipe is has a filling of oyster sauce, soy sauce, pork char siu sauce and more. Read the complete recipe here.

Chinese Steamed Buns with Char Siu Pork Filling (Char Siu Bao)

Fried Chinese Meat Dumplings

This crunchy starter is pan fried and filled with pork/beef marinated in flavourful ingredients. It can be savoured with teas and makes for a great starter too. Try this recipe today!

Fried Chinese Meat Dumplings Recipe

Prawn dumplings with fried garlic and coconut

This shallow fried Thai dish is filled with  flavours of coconut and garlic. These Prawn dumplings are spicy and make for a great main course and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

Prawn Dumplings with Fried Garlic and Coconut Recipe

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and treat yourself to some enticing dumplings this Chinese New Year!

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