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7 Japanese Eating Habits that helps You Stay Healthy Slim and Fit

You know why you can never guess the age of Japanese? Yes, an average Japanese has a life expectancy of 80-100 years. They are the most healthiest in the world.

So, what’s their secret to their longevity and health? A healthy diet, minimal obesity, and their incredible ability to manage stress.

Let us look at 7 Japanese eating habits that helps you stay healthy, slim and fit:

Raw food is their hero

A primary characteristic of Japanese cuisine is that they love the raw taste of food, without using any flavoured sauces or spices. Typical examples are sashimi (raw fish slices) and sushi. This helps them absorb all the nutrients that gets drained when cooked.

7 Japanese Eating Habits

Image Courtesy: puamelia used under Creative Commons Licence 

Seafood is their saviour

Japan consumes about 55.7 kilograms of seafood every year. Plus the extensive use of  seaweeds ( it contains multivitamins, calcium,  iron, vitamin C, fiber, beta-carotene) in their diet makes it extremely beneficial for them to reduce the risk of heart diseases.  Diets heavy in fatty fishes are also proven to elevate mood and prevent certain types of cancer and inflammation. The seaweeds are also a secret to their anti-aging skin.

7 Japanese Eating Habits for healthy diet

Image Courtesy:Pixabay

The green tea magic

Did you know? Japanese tend to end a meal with green tea than with a dessert. This not only aids in faster digestion but also helps them to maintain their weight consistently without gaining calories. Would you believe if we told you that they have green tea kit-kats? Yes, they do! Check out the special Japanese teas.

7 Japanese Eating Habits that helps You Stay Healthy Slim

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

The secret healthy habit ( the tiny bite trick)

Japanese believe that if you stop before you feel full, and pause, you will actually find yourself feeling full, which in turn resists your temptation  in binging more. This will help you manage your eating portions and helps you stay slim and healthy.

The Sushi trick

Sushi is evermore a part of the Japanese cuisine. It has omega 3 fatty acids, which is pivotal for brain and heart health. This also includes fish and other seaweeds along with veggies that are packed with proteins which helps them increase their longevity. It is recommended that you have sushi or oily fish at least once a week without any seasonings or sauce. Get the recipe of Sushi here.

7 Japanese Eating Habits that helps You Stay Healthy Slim and Fit-sushi

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Embrace the Healthy Bacteria

The Japanese have been eating fermented food for about ages now. The vegetables are already disintegrated by the bacteria present in the fermented foods which helps in the easy absorption and keeps the digestive tracts clean and healthy which in turn contributes to a healthy metabolism and improves the immune system.

Onsen- The spring bath for a beautiful body and mind

The land of active volcanoes has some of the best hot springs from which the water is sourced. Its a normal ritual to visit Onsens and bathe in them. It has vital nutrients, minerals and salts that rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. To know more about onsens click here.

Onsen - Japanese healthy eating habits

Image Courtesy: bobthemagicdragon used under the Creative Commons Licence 

Now you know the secret to their healthy life. Implement these habits in your life and see the difference that follows!

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