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5 Ways to use Japanese Ponzu Sauce

Ponzu sauce is one of the main ingredients in a Japanese kitchen. It is a citrus sauce that is made by simmering vinegar, rice, mirin, seaweed, and katsuobushi flakes, over medium heat. Its tangy flavour adds a dash of zest to your mild dishes, and makes them taste a lot fresher!

ponzu sauce

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Japanese cuisine makes use of ponzu in a variety of ways. Here are 5 ways to use Japanese ponzu sauce:

Salad Dressing

A ponzu-based vinaigrette, when added to salads, makes them heartier. This sauce goes great especially with salads containing radicchio.

Dipping Sauce

Steamed dumplings are an Asian specialty. Although most restaurants serve these up with a bowl of soy sauce, ponzu adds a bit of springy freshness, and tastes superb with dumplings.

Meat-based dishes

Dishes like meatloaf and meatballs are quite delicious when they have an Asian twist to it. To enjoy a burst of citrusy flavour with every bite, try adding ponzu while you’re cooking these dishes.


The taste that ponzu adds to beef or pork is quite extraordinary. So, the next time you’re marinating either meat, make ponzu sauce your first choice of marinade!

Finishing a dish

Stir-fried dishes are favourites in any Asian kitchen. If you’re stir-frying meats like chicken or minced pork, add a few shakes of ponzu during those last few minutes of cooking.

Ponzu sauces are also used as dipping sauce for white meat fish.

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