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5 Types of Healthy Rice You Did Not Know

Health food freaks and bloggers from across the globe have touted the benefits of a carb- free and sugar-free lifestyle. Rice is a staple in most of the southeast Asian cuisine and countries which is even considered a symbol of fertility and nourishment. There are at least 40,000 types of rice varieties that is grown around the world.

However, the most common type of rice that is normally consumed is the white rice that is less nutritious because it is bleached, stripped of its bran and processed, which steals most of the nutrients.

Nevertheless, the flavour of white  rice is unparalleled and tastes best with most curries and stews around the world. From cooking rice the easy way to storing it by employing some of the age old tips let us look at 5 types of healthy rice that you probably did not know:

Brown Rice

The germ and bran layers are intact in brown rice making it one of the most nutritious, fibrous and healthy rice ever. Brown rice has B vitamins, phosphorus and magnesium which is known to improve heart health and strengthen bones. The dietary fiber that brown rice provides is also known to be effective in curbing hunger pangs and prevents constipation. 5 types of healthy rice you did not know
Image Courtesy: Arria Belli used under creative commons licence

Chinese Black Rice

Chinese black rice is originally cultivated in China and was grown only for Chinese emperors. It has a purplish-black color and fragrant aroma. Chinese black rice has a great source of iron and is rich in antioxidants that fight against free- radicals. It is available in most of the Asian grocery stores and tastes good with stir-fries or salads. Chinese Black Healthy Rice
Image Courtesy: storebukkebruse used under creative commons licence

Jasmine Rice

Hailing from the Thai rice fields, jasmine rice is a long-grain, aromatic rice with a flavour that is similar to popcorn. Jasmine rice is a rich source of fiber that aids in digestion and preventing constipation. It is light and has a fluffy texture which goes perfectly with Asian stir-fry dishes.

Healthy Thai jasmine rice Image courtesy: Google Royalty Free Images

Wild Rice

Wild rice is the seed of long-grain marsh grass. It is a whole grain that is rich in fiber and protein and low in calories which is known to aid weight loss. The grains have nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, and the B vitamins. It has a nutty flavor and chewy texture which can be paired with chicken or beef stews.

wild rice healthy kinds of rice you did not know Image courtesy: Google Royalty Free Images

Sticky Rice

Used commonly in the Asian cuisine, sticky rice comes with its own set of health benefits. Throughout Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Thailand, sticky rice or Chinese glutinous rice is often the core component of sweets, snacks, breakfast and large meals. Check out the health benefits of sticky rice.

sticky rice 5 types of healthy rice you did not know Image Courtesy: Google Royalty Free Images

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