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5 Tips to Keep Your Food Safe and Fresh During Summer

Summer is a time when bacteria thrives everywhere. The warm weather is the most favourite time for microorganisms and that’s when people consume a lot of raw and cold foods.

When food is left at room temperature for an extended period of time, it  facilitates the growth of bacteria and which results in stale and spoilt food and as a result when consumed, it becomes unsafe and inedible to consume the food.

Here are 5 tips to keep your food fresh during summer:

1. Store foods in proper location to reduce food spoilage:

Storing food in the right place and in the right containers plays an important role in preserving foods during summer. Make sure you store them in airtight containers and store them in a cool dry place or refrigerate it.

5 tips to keep your food safe and fresh during summers

Image Courtesy: jules used under creative commons licence.

2. Store meat in the freezer

Raw meat should always be frozen when you are not using it. You can always thaw it when you want to use it again. However, make sure you buy meat in smaller portions to reduce spoilage and contamination. Also, storing meat in the lowest shelf is recommended as the liquid dripping from meat will not spoil other foods.

5 Tips to Keep Your Food Safe and Fresh During Summer - raw meat

Image courtesy: Pexels

3. Keep the grains and cereals in airtight boxes

Did you know? Insects live in the cardboard boxes that you get from the grocery store. They eat the glue that holds the boxes together and that’s how they enter the packages. Sun-dry the grains for about an hour or dry roast them on a wide skillet, cool them to room temperature and store it in airtight containers. Here are some age old tips to keep your rice fresh.

5 Tips to Keep Your Food Fresh During Summer - store grains

Image Courtesy: Rubbermaid used under creative commons licence.

4. Put the old boxes and items first

It is important to put the old purchased boxes first and arrange the new ones at the back. This way you will also know which food was bought recently and you can consume the old ones quickly.


how to keep food Fresh During Summer- pantry

Image Courtesy: chispita_666 used under creative commons licence.

5. Always wash your hands and the foods before consuming them

This is a thumb rule you must follow during summer. The dust and sweat can nurture bacteria like never before. Always wash your hands with clean soap before eating your food. If you are travelling, make sure you wash your fruits, vegetables and other cutlery well in advance before storing them. This ensures you can consume your food safely.

5 Tips to Keep Your Food Fresh During Summer - wash hands

Image Courtesy: Arlington County used under creative commons licence.

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