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5 Thai Vegetarian Dishes

If it makes you ponder about the wonder that Thai food is, then it is nothing but a perfect blend of spice and sauces that makes it so exquisite. The ensemble of herbs and spices brings five key distinctive flavours (sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy) required to complete a Thai meal.

Although Thai cuisine is heavily influenced by Chinese and to a certain extent by American and Indian cuisine, it also has its unique share of authenticity when it comes to certain practices. Pounding of herbs instead of chopping them is one of the techniques that are exclusive to Thai food. Even with these influences it manages to bring out the five fundamental flavours and aroma in to the meal making it stand out on their own.

Thailand being an agrarian economy with great horticultural practices, it is not quite a big challenge to satiate the needs of a vegetarian diet. While dining in Thai restaurants you will need to specify your dietary needs and look out for the restaurants that serve pure vegetarian food. You can identify the restaurants with a yellow banner and a red description in Thai that serve vegan and vegetarian food in Thailand.

Ben mang sa wirat” in Thai means vegetarian, you can convey the same to the waiter in the restaurant and to be extra safe just say ‘gin jay ’, which means vegan.


So here’s what’s in store for vegetarians at Thailand. We bring to you 5 exotic Thai vegetarian dishes:

Thai vegetarian dishes uses vegetables like cabbage, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, lotus stems, galangal, lemon grass, Thai basil and a lot of spices like phrik nu chillies, blend in perfectly to create zingy curries, aromatic broths, fresh salads and crispy stir fries.


Thai Green Mango Salad

Thai Green Mango Salad - Thai Vegetarian Dishes

Image Courtesy: huppypie used under the Creative Commons Licence

The tangy taste of sour unripe mangoes mixed with a host of chillies, glazed with honey, soy sauce and ginger ground together and tossed with crunchy onions and sprinkled with roasted groundnuts makes for a hearty meal by itself. It is the easiest and quickest way to make a salad and is a great option for weeknight dinners. Alternatively the Thai papaya salad also makes for a great meal.


Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry - Thai Vegetarian Dishes

Image Courtesy: Thai Jasmine (…Smile..) used under the Creative Commons Licence

The smooth and supple taste of coconut milk, the aroma of basil, lime leaves and cilantro cooked with a mélange of veggies including mushroom, broccoli, carrots, beans and peas goes extremely well with steamed rice and is one of the best main-course options to choose from. The same goes for Thai red and yellow curry as well.


Vegetable Satay

Vegetable Satay - Thai Vegetarian Dishes

Image Courtesy: Thai House Group used under the Creative Commons Licence

Generally made with strips of chicken or beef, this satay can be made with fresh broccoli and cauliflower florets. They’re marinated and grilled to perfection for an exquisite dining experience.


Fried Tofu with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Fried Tofu with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Image Courtesy: gigglebox1091;) used under the Creative Commons Licence

You will find numerous food stalls or carts selling fried tofu in Thailand. It is a great appetizer and if you find the taste of tofu to be bland the peanut sauce makes up for it by being a great companion to your craving taste buds.


Pad Pak Ruam Prik Gaeng

Thai Pad Pak Ruam Prik Gaeng

Image Courtesy: Sarah R used under the Creative Commons Licence

Pad pak ruam prik gaeng is stir-fried mixed vegetables, in chilli sauce along with soy sauce and kaffir lime leaves. The aroma of the veggies in lime leaves is something exotic that you can’t miss.


There are other vegetarian versions of food in Thailand which include veg pad thai, pineapple fried rice, pumpkin soup and many more.

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