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5 Sizzling Asian BBQ Dishes You Must Try This Summer

Say hello to the sunny weather as you relax by the pool and bite into some crunchy bbq’s. The aroma of sizzling meat against the grill and the smoky flavours is hard to beat. Embrace the sunny weather and throw a BBQ party for your friends and family to make the most of these juicy delicacies.

We have picked the best BBQs you could ever have. Here are 5 Sizzling Asian BBQ Dishes You Must Try This Summer:

Chicken Satay – BBQ Satay Sticks

Chicken and grill are made for each other. Who can possibly miss satays for a BBQ party? This lovely Satay Chicken is fabulous for outdoor BBQ’s and parties. Pair it up with your fav drink and give your party a new spin with this Chicken Satay recipe.

Chicken Satay – BBQ Satay Stick

Pad Thai BBQ Butterfly Chicken

Feel the Thai flavours coming alive on your taste buds. The smoky-succulent flavours in each bite of Pad Thai BBQ butterfly chicken will leave you craving for more. Make this for your party and your friends will fall in love with it. Get the recipe here.


BBQ Galbi (Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs)

Perhaps the most delicious of all BBQs is the galbi which makes you want to dig in more and more. This lovely Korean BBQ recipe will add great flavours to your backyard BBQ plan. The tender meat when grilled on charcoal flame and seasoned with Korean spices is quite a delight to say the least. Check out the recipe here.

BBQ Galbi - Create your own Korean barbecue at home

Vegetarian Yellow Curry BBQ Skewers

A favourite among all those wishing to go veggie this time around, here is a Thai delicacy that will make a superb addition to your platter. Colourful, healthy vegetables dunked in authentic Asian flavour is the way to go, so here’s a simple recipe for you.


BBQ pork & vermicelli salad

This fierce combo of a assorted veggies and Chinese BBQ pork and vermicelli noodles is a treat for your senses. Get the recipe here.

BBQ Pork Vermicelli Salad

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