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5 simple and easy Korean dinner recipes

Korea is a food lover’s paradise! The Korean cuisine is authentic in its own ways and rich in flavors, besides being healthy and delicious. If you have had a busy day at work and want to prep up something quick and easy yet flavorful and delicious then these 5 simple and easy Korean dinner recipes are what you need to try.


Gak Dugi (Korean Radish Kimchi)

Let’s get started with a salad. Korea is famous for its Kimchi. An extremely popular Korean delicacy, the Gak Dugi is a radish kimchi salad which is also served with  soups. Click here for the recipe.


Gak Dugi - 5 simple and easy Korean dinner recipes



Also known as Korean stir-fried glass noodles, Japchae is delicious and nutritious. It is served as an appetizer or main meal. The noodle is made of sweet potato starch, which gives it a unique and pleasant texture.  Don’t like it with the meat? Make your own vegetarian version sans the meat for a delicious Japchae. Here’s how to make Japchae in under 15 minutes.


Japchae - 5 simple and easy Korean dinner recipes

BBQ Galbi (Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs)

What’s the best way to spend a fun weekend with family and friends? A sizzling barbeque is all you need. A popular Korean recipe, the Korean BBQ, is also known as Galbi (King-Rib) made with marinated beef or pork. Galbi is enjoyed with a salad or rice and is served sliced or rolled in lettuce leaves. Check out this easy recipe for Galbi or Kalbi right here.

BBQ Galbi - 5 simple and easy Korean dinner recipes

Pan Fried Mandu

How about some Korean dumplings for starters? Mandu is the traditional Korean dumpling, stuffed with vegetables and meat. Mandu is served with Kimchi, a spicy soy sauce, vinegar and chilli. It can also be incorporated with a soup. Here is a simple and easy recipe of this must – have dumpling.


Pan Fried Mandu - 5 simple and easy Korean dinner recipes


What’s a meal without a dessert? Korean desserts are the perfect way to end a meal. Patbingsu is a popular ice cream or shaved ice dessert, filled with colourful fruits, sweet toppings and Azuki beans (red beans). It is a dessert relished on any occasion and can be eaten in any weather – cold or hot. Indulge in this dessert with this simple recipe here. Also check out these easy Malaysian dessert recipes.


Patbingsu - 5 simple and easy Korean dinner recipes

Spice up your evening dinners with these simple and easy Korean dinner recipes, that will leave your guests asking for more!


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