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5 Quick Cooking Shortcuts to Save Time in Your Kitchen

The new year is here! As you step into the new year, you’d have some resolutions that will make your life easier and helps you devote your time to other things you may want to explore.

Spending time in the kitchen can be a joyous activity and a daunting one as well. What if you were to find shortcuts to some of the most daunting tasks in the kitchen and finish it up in no time. Sounds exciting right?

Here we have curated 5 quick cooking shortcuts which tell you how to save time in kitchen and make life easier for you:

Peel garlic the easiest way

Peeling garlic can be a monotonous task and takes forever to peel them one by one. Pull the garlic pods and put them in a microwave safe bowl. Heat them on high for 2 minutes, you’ll see that the skin is almost loose, now you can peel it off easily. If that eats up your time as well, just buy the peeled garlic in the supermarket. It lasts for a week at least.

5 Quick Cooking Shortcuts to Save Time in Your Kitchen-garlic

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Make Mushrooms moist free

Mushrooms tend to turn slimy once they’re stored for quite sometime in the refrigerator. Prevent them from getting slimy by wrapping them in a paper towel, as this absorbs the moisture keeping it dry.

how to save time in kitchen

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Avoid tears while chopping onions

Here’s a genius trick to avoid crying while chopping onions: Wash and soak the onions in warm water, this will remove all the pungent chemicals it has and makes it easier for you to chop or even put them in the food processor without tears.

cooking shortcuts to save time in kitchen

Image courtesy: Pixabay

How to pick up eggshell pieces

When you are in a hurry while making pancake batter, you’ll invariably find a piece of egg shell in it. Use a half of a cracked egg shell to take out the pieces of egg shells from the bowl of batter or cracked eggs. The egg shell acts like a magnet for these tiny bits of shells and reduce the chance of wastage.

cooking tips on how to save time in kitchen

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Save your broth

You have some broth leftover from the soup/stew you made? You don’t have to pour it in the sink. Instead of wasting broth, freeze it ice cube trays. You will have small serving of broth ready whenever you need it.

Similarly, you can also freeze egg whites in ice cube trays and then transfer them in a zip lock bag until you are planning to use it in your cooking the next time.

useful tips on how to save time in kitchen

Image courtesy: Pixabay

Use these genius timesaving tricks in your kitchen and make life easier than ever.

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