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5 Popular Thai Delicacies

Plating up the best of Asian cuisine can be confusing, because there’s so much to choose from. From the spicy platters of Malaysia, to the delightful street food of China, you are spoilt for choice.

We narrow down your search for the best foods, with these 5 popular Thai delicacies that will be the hit of the party!

Pad Thai Rice Crepe

Pad Thai Rice Crepe Recipe

Pad Thai is possibly the most traditional Thai dish you will find on a menu at an Asian restaurant. But here is a version with a slight twist. Try out this simple pad thai rice crepe recipe.

Pad Thai BBQ Butterfly Chicken

Butterfly Chicken Recipe

This delicacy is as delicious as it is aromatic. Possibly the most flavourful Thai BBQ dish, pad thai BBQ butterfly chicken will brighten your banquet by a great deal. Here is Asian Inspirations’ recipe.

Light Red Pork Curry

light red pork curry

Pork can be cooked in a variety of ways. It can be roasted, braised and even lightly fried and dunked in sauces. Try out a pork variation from our kitchens, with this light red pork curry recipe.

Fried Fish with Red Curry Sauce

Fried Fish with Red Curry Sauce Recipe

Fish  in Chinese culture is considered good luck because it symbolises longevity. But you haven’t tried authentic Asian fish until you’ve sampled fried fish with red curry sauce, a delicacy fro Thailand. Here is a simple recipe for this dish.

Chicken Green Curry

Chicken Green Curry

This dish is authentic Thai cuisine at its absolute finest. Dunked in simmering green Thai curry, and spiced with traditional herbs and spices, this chicken recipe is a must-try recipe if you’re planning an Asian meal. Here is a simple recipe for this dish.

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