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5 Popular Thai Curry Dishes


Thailand’s uniqueness emanates from its curries, soups and broths. Full of flavour and spice, these foods from Thai cuisine add a lot of variety to one’s dinner plate.

If you’re planning an Asian meal, try out something different. Add a bit of fun and heat to your table with these 5 popular Thai curry dishes.

Thai Red Curry Duck

Thai Red Curry Duck

There are few dishes that can compete with the deliciousness of a roast duck, especially when the duck is swimming in some spicy red curry. Try out this fiery dish – we have the perfect recipe!

Thai Green Curry Barramundi

Thai Green Curry

The star of this dish is the coconut green curry served with spinach. The filets of barramundi fish add great flavour to this Thai delicacy. Here is a simple recipe that you can try in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Vegetable Massaman Curry (Massaman Phak)

Vegetable Massaman curry

MAde with authentic Asian ingredients such as soy sauce, coconut milk, fish sauce and tamarind puree, massaman phak is as authentic as it gets. The sweetish taste of pumpkin and delicious potatoes combined with massaman curry is scintillating. Here is a simple recipe for this delicacy.

Thai Jungle Curry

thai jungle curry

It might come as a surprise, but this is a Thai curry-based dish that contains no coconut milk. But it is packed with enough traditional ingredients such as kaffir lime leaves and bamboo shoots to render it authentically Asian. So, go ahead and try your hand at this recipe.

Light Red Pork Curry

Light Red Pork Curry

A delightful stir-fried dish that bursts with authentic Thai flavour, light red pork curry is a must-eat in Thailand. You can also make it in your own kitchen. Here is the perfect recipe from our cookbooks!

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