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5 Osmanthus Delicacies You Cant Miss

What is mid-autumn festival without the fragrant Osmanthus? In fact, there’s more to osmanthus during this festival just like our mooncakes.

Many osmanthus delicacies including reunion wine and osmanthus cake are ever more a part of the festivities.

We present to you 5 Osmanthus delicacies that you can’t miss:

Osamnthus wine

The heady fragrance of Osmanthus wine is sure to turn your heads. All you need is a handful of osmanthus flowers, about 1 liter of Beijing Erguotou( Chinese white liquor), medlar fruits( a fruit that resembles Loquat. If you don’t find this fruit, you can substitute it with apples or pears), rock sugar and sugar.

Just mix them all together in a jar and ferment it for about 3 months.  Your homemade osmanthus wine is ready!

Osmanthus cake

Osmanthus cakes are almost always cherished during the mid-autumn festival. The heavenly and the sweet fragrance of Osmanthus is enough to drive the entire family into a frenzy. It is extremely easy to make and can be a fun activity to pursue with your children. Learn how to make Osmanthus cake in 5 simple steps.

5 Osmanthus dishes

Osmanthus Salad

You might wonder if an Osmanthus salad would taste good. But trust us with this colourful and  lovely salad, you’ll finish it in no time. Just shred the carrots, green onions and crab filaments. Mash the tofu until they are crumbled, add boiled eggs ( diced into cubes), and finally add the shredded carrots, green onions and crab sticks. Season it with salt and pepper. Enjoy it with your favourite dressing. You can also add boiled glass noodles to enhance the flavour. Easy, ain’t it?

5 Osmanthus Delicacies You Cant miss

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Pear in Osmanthus sauce

The tender and moist texture of poached pear in aged osmanthus wine is something that packs a serious punch. Just peel the pear and soak it in small bowl of osmanthus wine, cinnamon stick, tried orange peel, dried osmanthus flowers, sugar and a pinch of salt, overnight. The next morning, boil the entire liquid along with goji berries until the pear turns tender. Garnish it with dried osmanthus flowers and mint leaves and serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

5 Osmanthus Dishes You Cant miss

Image Courtesy: neenahkay used  the Creative Commons Licence

Osmanthus Syrup

Making this multi-purpose syrup is a cake walk. Just combine sugar, water and dried osmanthus flowers in a pot and heat over low-medium flame until the sugar dissolves and the syrup thickens a bit ( you can use corn syrup to thicken the syrup). Once the syrup cools, you can use it as a topping in ice creams and desserts. Refrigerate the sauce when you are not using it.

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