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5 Lunch Box Treats

School days are back! It’s time to make sure that children are given plenty of reasons to grin on the first day of school. Why not experiment with the goodies that go into their lunch boxes?

Asian Inspirations gives you a few recipes for the perfect lunch box treats that will keep your children smiling as they break for lunch.

Quick and Easy Korean Potato Pancake

Quick and Easy Korean Potato Pancake

Pancakes are a fun-time snack, and the kids will absolutely love this pancake with an Asian twist. Wrap them in leaves and pack them in their lunch boxes, and watch your children relish every bite! Here’s how you make your own Korean pancake.

Nori Maki (Sushi Rolls)

Nori Maki (Sushi Rolls)

Japanese cuisine has so much to offer. But let’s start with the simplest for the kids. Surprise them with our version of Sushi Rolls and make lunch break a real fiesta.

Chinese-style Fried Omlette

Chinese - style Fried Omlette

Tired of making and packing the same omlette? Spring a pleasant surprise with Asian Inspirations’ Chinese-style Fried Omlette. Light, fluffy and full of healthy vegetables, this dish will make you very popular with the kids!

Japanese Salmon Burgers

Japanese Salmon Burgers

If you’re looking to infuse a hint of Asian cuisine into a burger, look no further. We present to you the simplest recipe for Japanese Salmon Burgers. These will add cheer to any lunch box.

Pork Dumplings with Prawn and Chives

Pork Dumplings with Prawn and Chives

Easy on the usual Asian spices, and health and nutrition packed in every morsel, this dish is perfect for children. Try out this simple recipe from our books.

Have you seen our post on Japanese lunch boxes yet? Don’t miss it!

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