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5 Great Asian Bowls

Every Asian cuisine style has its favourite ‘bowl’ dishes, and here are five delicious and nutritious recipes just waiting for you to explore.

Tom Yum – Thai

One of the most iconic of Thai dishes, tom yum soup with prawns is famous worldwide and every chef has their own version. With a beautiful balance of pungent flavours, spices, and herbs, it’s the delicious taste of Thailand in a bowl. Try this Easy Tom Yum Soup recipe!

Easy Tom Yum Goong

Laksa – Malaysian

With its origins in Malaysia, Laksa is a super-popular street food made with rich, slightly sweet and strongly spiced coconut gravy and complemented with lots of fresh aromatic herbs. Try this chicken version of the Malaysian Curry Laksa, or change it up with beef, tofu, fresh prawns, or a selection of seafood.

Chicken Curry Laksa

Bibimbap – Korean

Bibimbap is a classic Korean recipe that means mixed rice – quite literally. The dish is served in a bowl and topped with egg, Korean red chilli sauce, and fresh vegetables.


Congee – Chinese

Congee, also known as porridge, is an iconic breakfast dish that is popular in many parts of Asia. It’s so nourishing and comforting that it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It’s simple to make with leftover rice and can be made in many styles and with a wide range of different ingredients. Try this simple yet delicious Chicken Congee.


Miso Ramen – Japanese

Rich, savoury, and oh so slurp-able, ramen is pretty much a national obsession in Japan and now its deliciousness has spread right around the world. This Miso Ramen is one of the popular flavours of ramen with a variety of vegetables, and all topped with stir-fried chicken.

miso ramen recipe

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