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5 Facts About the Exotic Noni Fruit

Asia is home to some of the world’s most unusual foods. There are many ingredients found in the Asian kitchen which you wouldn’t normally see in a local market or foodstore.

In Southeast Asian countries in particular, kitchen shelves are stocked with very unusual, even bizarre, ingredients. Even the fruits and vegetables that feature in Thai salads and desserts are uncommon. However, it is their uniqueness that makes them all the more interesting to use in a variety of dishes.

Noni, for instance, is one such Asian fruit that is grown widely in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. In Thai cuisine, the leaves of the Noni plant are used in salads and even a few traditional medicines.

Facts About the Exotic Noni Fruit
Image Courtesy: Scot Nelson used under the Creative Commons Licence

There is a lot to know about this unusual fruit. Here are 5 facts about the exotic noni fruit.

1. This fruit is also known as great morinda, beach mulberry, cheese fruit, and Indian mulberry.

2. The noni plant’s roots, leaves and bark are used in the making of traditional Asian medicines.

3. Noni juice is sometimes applied to the skin, as it is believed to have restorative properties. Even the consumption of noni pulp is said to give one clearer and smoother skin.

4. One of the claimed health benefits of noni fruit is that it helps in curing migraines and heart diseases.

5. Noni is said to contain many antibacterial properties, making it a component in many ointments and cosmetic products.

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