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5 Fabulous Thai Menu Ideas for Reunion Dinner

Winter is almost ending and spring is about to begin. How about welcome this new season with a get together! Invite your family and friends together to celebrate and rejoice the new season. Instead of cooking something you always do, try something different and plan a simple 5 course Thai menu and surprise your loved ones with these delicacies.

Start off with the  scrumptious Thai Beef Salad

Delicious grilled beef with a savoury Thai green dressing is exactly what this salad is. Thai beef salad requires no effort and will be ready even before you know it.

5 Fabulous Thai Menu Ideas for Reunion Dinner

How about some soup for the soul? Thai Chicken coconut soup

Rich and creamy, this Thai soup is just the kind that you could make in a jiffy for a gathering. It uses Thailand’s favourite ingredient, -‘coconut milk’. Chicken coconut soup is a classic Thai soup your family will relish.

Thai Chicken Cococnut soup - Thai Menu Ideas for Reunion Dinner

How about some Pineapple fried rice ?

Pineapple fried rice is perfect for a main course but can also double up as a light appetiser. Woo your guests with this dish made with, rice, prawns, chicken and pineapple. What more could anyone ask for?

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice - Thai Menu Ideas

Try some Thai Red Curry Duck

A beautiful Thai red curry and some roast duck, thats as far as perfection goes. You can never go wrong with a Thai Red Curry duck, the delectable red curry is sure to leave your guests bewitched. Serve it with a bowl of steamed rice for that indelible flavour.

Thai-Red-Curry-Duck - 5 Fabulous Thai Menu Ideas for dinner


Make some Dry Beef Curry

Dry beef curry is also known as Penang curry,  is a spicy curry with a thick base and some delicious beef. It can be whipped up in a jiffy and tastes delicious.

Dry Beef Curry - Thai Menu Ideas for Dinner

Seafood pad Thai for the seafood lover in you

Seafood pad Thai is usually served on the streets of Thailand and is extremely popular amongst the locals. Noodles and seafood the perfect combo for any meal, any day. Add your favourite seafood and feel a wave of flavour on your tongue.

Seafood-Pad-Tha - Thai Dinner Recipes

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