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5 Easy Thai Entree Dishes To Spice Up Your Dinner

What’s a dinner without an entree? Impress your guests with these simple and easy entrees for dinner. Put on your apron and get cooking. Let your hands create magic on the kitchen floor.

Here are 5 Easy Thai Entree Dishes To Spice up your Dinner:

Thai fish cakes

Making this seafood specialty dish is just a breeze. Thai fish cakes are a common street food in Thailand and are full of flavour. They aren’t battered which allows for more of the fresh taste of the fish, spices and herbs to come through. Get the recipe here.

Thai Fish Cake - easy Thai entree dishes

Minced chicken and vegetables in pastry cases

This Thai delicacy is known as Kratong Tong in Thai. This deep-fried golden pastry shell filled with minced chicken and colourful vegetable pieces makes a good entrée dish if looking to entertain guests at home. Check out the recipe here.

Minced Chicken and Vegetables in Pastry Cases - easy Thai entree dishes

Lamb Satay Barbeque

Get your grills out on the green patch, it’s time for a juicy BBQ. A traditional Thai lamb satay recipe that is easy to make and perfect for your barbeque parties. Try this Lamb Barbeque recipe!


Pork Holy Basil with Laksa Paste

Stir-fry has a new name. This delicious stir-fried minced pork recipe with Laksa paste has a flavourful aroma of the holy basil. Try this pork holy basil with laksa paste recipe.

Pork Holy Basil with Laksa Paste Recipe - easy Thai entree dishes

Pan-fried king prawns

These crispy prawns are just the perfect entree for a dinner especially on a summer night. This succulent prawn recipe can be made in 3 simple steps. Dip it in a Thai sauce and you’ll love this Pan-fried king prawns recipe.

Pan-fried Prawns in Seasoned Soy - Easy Thai entree dishes

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