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5 Easy Japanese Summer Salads

The sun is out and all you want to do is dig into some comfort food that will keep you light, healthy, hydrated and refreshed.

This summer, we bring you the best Japanese summer salads that you can spin in no time. Whether it’s for lunch or dinner these salads are fresh, easy, and colourful to go on the table along with bbq’s for summer meals.

Here are 5 Easy Japanese summer Salads:

Cha soba salad with seared scallops

Loaded with other veggies, Seared Scallops bring their own magic to every dish and when you team them up with some soba noodles, you have a sure-shot winner. Scallops are an excellent source of vitamin B12 and phosphorus. They are also a very good source of protein, selenium,  zinc, magnesium, and potassium which are essential for the body. Check out the recipe for Cha soba salad with seared scallops.

Cha Soba Salad with Seared Scallops - easy japanese summer salads

BBQ wasabi beef steaks with mushroom rice salad

Wasabi with it’s anti-bacterial properties is known to fight against diseases and keep the immune system intact. It’s also a digestive stimulant. This BBQ wasabi beef steaks with mushroom rice salad makes for a main course as well as a salad. Check out the recipe here.

BBQ wasabi beef steaks with mushroom rice japanese summer salad

Teriyaki sword fish salad

What’s better than seafood during summer? Sword fish basted in a teriyaki dressing, accompanied by a fresh green salad is a great salad along with your summer meal. It has many micronutrients that play a pivotal role in keeping you hale and hearty. NOTE: Pregnant women should avoid eating swordfish since it contains high levels of mercury. Get the recipe here.

Teriyaki Sword fish japanese summer Salad

Easy Soba Noodle Salad with Wakame

Wakame and soba come again together in this wonderful salad which is just right for a summer dinner. Light, easy, colourful and loaded with nutrients this salad can be made in no time. Get the recipe here.


Beef Tataki Salad

Tataki is a typical Japanese preparation. This easy Japanese Beef Tataki Salad Recipe with crunchy onions, carrot and spring onions is perfect to up your salad recipe repertoire with delicious Japanese flavours! Get the recipe here.

Japanese Beef Tataki Summer Salad Recipe

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